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Fall is in the air…

The kids are back at school and everyone is thinking about apple-picking and wooly sweaters… and lice.

If your child already has lice, save this post for later and skip right to my post on How to Get Rid of Lice… Naturally.

Keep your child's head lice-free with a couple of squirts of Lice Stay Away Spray

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Well… you are definitely thinking about lice if your kid has brought home the Dreaded Letter warning you that he or she “may have been exposed to lice.”


No, don’t panic. Really.

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First of all, you need to know that lice do not transmit disease. Period. Even if your kid’s head becomes home to his or her very own pack of lice, worst that can happen is that the scalp might become irritated or infected due to excessive itching.

Secondly—and I’m sure that you have heard this dozens of times, but it bears repeating—head lice do NOT reflect negatively on the hygiene of your child, or the cleanliness of your household. In fact, lice like clean heads, so this is your license to skip the bedtime hair washing any time your kid has not actually been rolling in the mud!

Okay… I know. Lice are creepy and crawly and your head is already itching and you haven’t been anywhere near my kid… or the Dreaded Letter.

Actually, to tell the truth this year I have yet to receive the Dreaded Letter… though a couple of the Pixie’s friends—the heads pressed together, locks intermingling, hat sharing sort of friends—have come home with the Dreaded Letter.

I, however, am NOT panicking.

Because I have a fabulous Lice Stay Away Spray, which I spray on the Pixie every morning before she leaves for school. I even give the Boy a squirt or two, though he’s not really the lock-mingling sort.

lice stay away2

Lice Stay Away Spray

Fill a 5 ounce spray bottle with water. 

Add 1 tablespoon of witch hazel — this is optional, but acts to help keep the essential oils mixed with the water

Add 25 drops  of essential oils  (buy quality essential oils here)

For best results, use 5 drops EACH of the following:

Tea Tree (get it here or here)

Lavender (get it here or here)

Rosemary (get it here or here)

Peppermint (get it here or here)

Eucalyptus (get it here or here)

Shake well before spraying on your child’s hair.


Cultivating Herbal Friendships

Please note: Not all essential oils are recommended for all individuals. For example, women who are pregnant are generally told to avoid rosemary oil; peppermint and eucalyptus are not recommended for small children.  Always follow the precautions on the individual oils. If you have any concerns, contact an aromatherapy expert.



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Lice are repelled by the smell of these oils–especially tea tree oil–and will (hopefully!) wander off your kid’s head, in search of one that is more hospitable.

If you can’t — or don’t want to — use all of the essential oils listed, feel free to mix and match, though I strongly recommend always using tea tree oil; for years we successfully repelled lice using only tea tree and lavender essential oils.

Also, never underestimate the power of a nice, tight braid!

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Keep lice off your kid and out of your home with Lice Stay Away Spray

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