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Welcome to the Second Issue of My Week on Wednesday where I take a few minutes to share some of the things I did, and learned throughout the week. And, especially, some of the blogs I visited and articles I read. 

Thanks for joining me!

First of all, I… ahem… found a couple more links that should have been included in last week’s My Week on Wednesday. Doubtless there are others… but those may just be lost forever. Sigh…

First, was a Rose Hip Jelly by Late Blossoms. Now I have been told several times that I am done making jam for the season, but I don’t believe I have actually said it. And there are a TON of rose hips on my parents’ land…

Second, was Homemade Disinfectant Spray from Homemade Mommy which I am pretty excited about because most of those hand sanitizers contain ingredients that are just plain Bad for You. Plus, it is made with Thieves Oil which makes the history major in me do little leaps of joy!

Raw Food DietAnd, finally, 31 Real Food Dog Resources from Girl Meets Nourishment which I found amazingly helpful, given that we are trying to transition our Golden to Real Food. She is NOT keen on the notion of eating raw bones for breakfast!  

I suppose I should count myself lucky: My kids are all about Real Food. One picky eater out of three “kids” ain’t bad!

Speaking of not being picky eaters, I made Crock Pot Italian Sausage and Cabbage from Stacy Makes Cents and my kids loved it. They even loved it as leftovers in their school lunches! I loved it, too. How awesome is it to have dinner done (except for pouring milk) by ten in the morning? I have no idea why I don’t use my crock pot more often!




I came across this post about liver, which I thought was pretty exciting, because it lists a whole bunch of different ways to cook and use liver. I am currently in possession of a frozen hunk of grass-fed liver; we are hiding from each other. I remember the days of liver and onions with horror… and we always had to eat all of our liver because it was Good For You. ICK!  (That, of course, was before it became Bad For You. Now, to my mind anyway, liver is back (still?) under the heading of Good For You.) I think I am going to try Nourished Kitchen’s Roasted Potatoes with Bacon and Liver for my first liver-as-food experiment. I love potatoes and the recipe includes bacon. It’s gotta be good, right?

Also from the Nourished Kitchen was this post in which she simply goes through three days of her life talking about what she does–and doesn’t get done!–during those three days. This post made my week. It might have made my whole month!

Wouldn't these be more impressive filled?

Wouldn’t these be more impressive filled?

 I got set up to make applesauce. A couple of times this week I got set up to make applesauce. It finally happened, with some help from the Pixie.

Helping Mama

Helping Mama

She isn’t really big enough to turn the handle on my wonderful  Victorio Food Strainerbut maybe next year she will be!

All in all, we made eighteen pints of applesauce, and seven quarts, and are VERY pleased with ourselves.

I wrote this week’s post: Are Ball Canning Lids BPA Free?

And was honored by having my Rosemary French Prune Jam featured by Nourishing Joy, and on Wellness Wednesday! So happy!

I also wrote a bonus post this week, Pumpkin Spice Tea, which was the direct result of making Mama Natural’s Creamy, Dreamy Paleo Pumpkin Bites (which are delicious, by the way) and having a little of the mix left over. My concoction was just too good not to share!

I read this article by The Paleo Mama about why her family drinks raw milk. I love milk, and am always pleased to read how it is actually good for you! We drink unhomogenized, vat pasteurized, whole milk from grass fed cows, and are not unhappy with it. But raw milk is what we want. On that note, The Paleo Mama included a like to Real Milk Finder, which has me believing that drinking raw milk is something we will actually be able to achieve.

Last week I talked a little about the dangers of soy infant formula, and was asked… um… well, if you can’t nurse, what are your options? Happily, I found Cheeseslave’s instructions on how to make homemade baby formula.

glitter shoesFinally, the Pixie wore the shoes I worked so hard on for Character Day at school. She was Dorothy, as you might suspect from the glitter. I’m actually really happy with the way they turned out. Especially since all my Crafty Projects usually end in Disaster!

 The glitter, by the way, is still All. Over. My. House. It is also all over the school. Luckily I chaperoned that Pumpkin Patch Trip last week…

The Boy dressed as Percy Jackson . Happily no glitter was required for his costume!


Finally… since tomorrow is Halloween, I leave you with the Switch Witch.





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