Real Food Birthday Party (plus Ice Cream Recipe)

Proof that it *is* possible to eat Real Food... even at a six-year-old's birthday party. And an ice cream recipe.I think I am deserving of a Real Food gold star, thank you very much.

The Pixie is about to turn six… and we had her birthday party this weekend.

(This, by the way, is my excuse for not having the article I meant to write written… as in, it’s barely begun… and the fact that this post is going up now… or at least soon.)

It was a small party; just a few of our closest (geographically, not in terms of affection) family and friends. I made chicken soup with a nice, pastured chicken and a bunch or organic vegetables. There was hummus and a platter of vegetables and cheese and fresh-from-cold-storage local apples.

I made chocolate chip cookies.

And ice cream.

Real Food CupcakeThere were even cupcakes. Real Food cupcakes. With the world’s most delicious–naturally PINK, no less–frosting in the world.

For a while, I wasn’t sure there was going to be a cake. The Pixie was dead-set on the cookies and ice cream; the cake was optional, she told me.

“I can go to the bakery in the morning,” my husband said later Saturday night, as he poured me a glass of wine. “We will all survive white sugar and flour, just this once.”

He was right, of course, and the idea was extremely appealing, I have to admit.

Bakery. Him. Go.

Not my problem.

But then I remembered these cupcakes from Weed ’em and Reap. Delicious!

I would also like to take a second to point out that cake mixes are silly. It only took me a few minutes–which included stopping half way through to put Alice in Wonderland on–to get the cupcakes into the oven.

So the Pixie got to blow out her candles on a cake after all!

Ice Cream Recipe

Real Ice Cream without any added flavor. Delicious!

When my husband and I were in Scotland, we had ice cream. Ice cream without vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, or any other flavor. Just rich, delicious cream and sugar. Mmmm…

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I adapted this recipe from the one in Nourishing Traditions.

3 egg yolks (please use eggs from pastured hens)

1/2 cup maple syrup (my brother makes mine, but you can buy good-quality maple syrup here)

1 tablespoon arrowroot powder (like this)

Update: I always add 1 teaspoon of gelatin (like this) too.

3 cups of the best heavy cream you can find (not ultrapasteurized)

Beat the egg yolks, then blend in the rest of the ingredients. I don’t know if it makes a difference, but never use an electric mixer–only a whisk–to mix my ice cream.

Pour into an ice cream maker and process according to the instructions. This is the ice cream maker I have, and I love it.

Makes one quart of the creamiest ice cream… with only the barest hint of maple flavor. Mostly all you taste is the cream, and the sweet.



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Real Food Birthday Party, plus Ice Cream Recipe!


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10 Responses to Real Food Birthday Party (plus Ice Cream Recipe)

  1. This couldn’t have come at a more perfect time. My little man is turning two next month and I wanted a better alternative. Thanks so much!

    Share with me! Blog Hop every Friday (entries accepted until Thursday at noon).

    • onceuponatimeinabedofwildflowers says:

      I’m so glad I could help! And happy birthday to your little man! 🙂
      This is the first 100% real food party/holiday thing we’ve ever done… and there was a lot of fuss over nothing. It was easy. Everything was delicious.

      I’ll be over to visit you soon!

  2. angie says:

    this looks so tasty and good
    come see us at

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  4. Yum. It sounds like a wonderful party. Thanks for sharing at Wildcrafting Wednesday.

  5. It’s so wonderful to read your Real Food Birthday Party and homemade ice cream recipe. What a fun and fabulous way to celebrate a young girl’s special day!
    Thank you so much for sharing this helpful and valuable post on the Healthy, Happy, Green & Natural Blog Hop! I appreciate it!

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  7. I think it’s wonderful you were able to serve all real food at Pixie’s birthday, Christine. It all looks so delicious too! What a cute photo of your daughter – it looks like she had a wonderful day 🙂 I’ll be sharing this post on FB and I’ve pinned it too.

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