My Week on Wednesday… February 12

Join me for My Week on Wednesday to see what I've learned this week!


Welcome to this week’s edition of My Week on Wednesday… where I take a few minutes to share some of the things I did, and learned throughout the week. And some of the blogs I visited and articles I read.

First of all, I suddenly feel the need to point out that I have two children. I know we talk about the Pixie all the time… because she is cute and dramatic and usually pleased to be photographed.

But, really, I have a Boy too. And he is just as wonderful, but not usually so pleased to have his picture taken. But here! Look! I got him!!! 🙂

(With the camera on my phone!)

The Boy and his Dog

Moving right back to the Pixie… it is her birthday this week! And at her birthday party this weekend, we only served real food: no processed food, no food dye, not even any white flour or sugar. (Yeah, I’m pretty proud of myself!)

Proof that it *is* possible to eat Real Food... even at a six-year-old's birthday party. And an ice cream recipe.By the way, don’t forget to check out the Ice Cream Recipe in that post. It is absolutely delicious!

I’m not going to lie… Real Food can seem daunting sometimes… especially when planning a party. But it doesn’t have to be.

And sometimes you just want junk food, right? Well, before you throw in the towel and reach for something crappy, check out Delicious Obsessions’s Junk Food Made Real post. She has collected 225 junk food substitutes. There’s everything from homemade gummy snacks and “dorito” flavored popcorn to chicken nuggets and french fries to… you’re gonna love this… a shamrock shake! 🙂

And if you’re still looking for real food substitutes for Girl Scout Cookies (or, heck, just GMO-free recipes; yes, I’m still on about wanting GMO-free Girl Scout Cookies), Nourishing Our Children has a great list. Primal & Bliss also has links to two separate Samoa recipes plus Thin Mints.

And speaking of healthy, nourishing food that is just plain delicious? How about some ice cream for breakfast? If you whip up a batch The Nourished Caveman’s Chocolate Hazelnut Gelato, then you can have ice cream for breakfast… once in a while. (Unless, of course, your “healthy breakfast list” includes Frosted Flakes or Cocoa Krispies, in which case you can eat this every morning and still come out ahead.)

And, yes, recently I did send my kids to school after having fed them this “ice cream” as part of their breakfast. 🙂

Other posts this week that I found interesting: Herbal Coffee from Delicious Obsessions–it’s caffeine free, and a great way to add some more coconut oil into your diet. Savory Lotus has 15 Ways to Get Your Family to Eat More Fermented Foods… with links to some really delicious sounding recipes. (Apparently I totally grossed out my mother by telling her that we often eat sauerkraut with our breakfast!) And Gingered Mushrooms, Greens & Carrots with Black Rice from My Sister’s Pantry. I made this–or something quite like it, because I didn’t exactly follow the directions–the other night and it was really delicious. Also, whenever I am wondering what’s for dinner I am going to keep coming back to My Sister’s Pantry… because they have some really awesome recipes!

Also, if you are suffering from this cold-flu thing that is going around, be sure to check out my Pepperup Potion.


I went down to the Lake… I heard the ice chattering, and a duck calling as it flew by, but otherwise it was silent and deserted.



Icy Pier and Ice Banks

  There was no wind, but it was very, very cold.

Ice Pier


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  1. Julia Jones says:

    Great post – and thanks so much for the shoutout for the pantry!

  2. Thanks for the link love to my herbal coffee recipe! Lots of great links in this post and I love the photos! Have a great night! 🙂

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