My Week on Wednesday… July 2

Join me each week for My Week on Wednesday! Come see what I have been up to, some of blogs I have visited, and the new things I have learned.


Hello and welcome to another My Week on Wednesday where I take a few moments to share what I’ve been doing over the week. I share some of the blogs I’ve visited, and some of the things that I have learned.

(Psssst! It’s my Mommy’s birthday today! 🙂 )

We have been enjoying summer! We spent the weekend making strawberry preserves and dehydrating strawberries (using my fabulous dehydrator, which I absolutely LOVE!)

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We’ve also been gorging ourselves on strawberry shortcake (my husband makes a mean sprouted flour biscuit — I really have to get him to share his tips and tricks with you. Um… and me!) and strawberry just about everything else.

What is your favorite ways to eat strawberries?

How about Naturally Sweetened Fresh Strawberry Pie? And I found a great Strawberry Beet Green Salad with Strawberry Dressing from the Homestead Lady. Doesn’t that sound amazing? I’m about to go pouring that dressing over every green I can find! 😉

And you haven’t been tossing — or even composting — those strawberry tops, have you? [Um… guilty; I’ve been composting mine.] Did you know that you can dry them and then use the tops to make tea? Seriously! Learn all about Drying Strawberry Tops from the Pixie’s Pocket.

(Excuse me… I suddenly feel the urge to make another batch of strawberry jam!)

And as long as we’re talking about things that should not be going into the compost, here are (for real) 10 Things You Never Want to Compost from Imperfectly Happy.

Raspberries for lunch -- right off the bushes // Once Upon a Time in a Bed of Wildflowers


We are definitely enjoying our summer vacation! But we do have our brains turned on–for part of the day, anyway. 😉

For example — and I’m not quite sure how we’re going to finish the project — we are learning about Cinderella. Okay, it began with the kids squabbling about what movie they were going to watch and me stepping in and saying that I was going to pick… and I picked Ever After, an excellent but under appreciated movie, in my opinion. The kids have since read the Grimm Brothers’ and Perrault’s versions of the story.

The Boy: “I like the Grim Brother’s story better. It was more realistic.”
The Pixie: “It has a talking dove in it. Doves don’t talk!”
The Boy: “Doves are more realistic than fairy godmothers!!!”

Up next… Disney’s Cinderella (naturally). Then I think we’ll be leaving Western Europe for other Cinderella stories, starting with Mufaro’s Beautiful Daughters, which is a fabulous “Cinderella story” from Africa — with gorgeous illustrations besides; I highly recommend it!

I am taking recommendations for other “Cinderella stories” — especially from non-European countries, or that feature boys. (Feel sorry for the Boy — I bet he is wishing he had been a bit more willing to compromise with his sister the other day! 😉 )

beach day

In other news, we’ve been to the beach several times already. And have this recipe for Make Your Own Super Bubble Solution from Blue Yonder Urban Farms, which I think will add a ton of fun to our beach adventures! 🙂

Finally, have you ever made your own smudge stick? Sustainable Homesteading has a great post on How to Make and Use Your Own Smudging Stick. This is on my “to do” list for sure! 🙂

Now for the Quote of the Week. Approximately daily, I post quotes on my Facebook Page. The quote with the most likes, shares, and comments will become the Quote of the Week. Hands down, no questions asked, this was the Quote of the Week:

Quote of the Week // Once Upon a Time in a Bed of Wildflowers

 (It was all about the quote, right? No? See more of this beautiful little girl at last week’s Thousand Word Thursday, Sugar and Spice and Everything… Muddy?)

Thank you for joining me for My Week on WednesdaysTell me, what did you do this week? I’d love to hear!

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So, what did you do this week? Please tell me; I love to hear!

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6 Responses to My Week on Wednesday… July 2

  1. tessa says:

    Thanks so much for mentioning our strawberry dressing – the kids actually asked if we could have salad tonight. Sweet!

    I love Ever After, too! I think we’ve read every Cinderella story there is and some of our favorites were Anklet for a princess (India), Cinders: A chicken Cinderella (by Jan Brett and seriously ever homesteader should read it!). I like the Cinderella illustrated by Susan Jeffers but just because I love her drawings; Hilary Knight’s Cinderella is a beloved one for the same reason. I’m very shallow about pictures – if they’re pretty, I’m going to like the book. The Irish Cinderlad was fun – thinking of your son. 🙂

    • onceuponatimeinabedofwildflowers says:

      Thanks, Tessa! I can’t wait to hit the library now… or possibly Amazon. 😉 I decline absolutely to admit that this household is starting to get too old for picture books! 🙂

  2. oh, I love that CS Lewis quote!

  3. Sustainable Homesteading says:

    thanks Christine for telling people about my post on ‘how to make your own smudging stick”. I really appreciate it. I love your blog! Lets share each others wisdom, joy, and hard work of homesteading.

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