I Get a Kitten

As I am  writing this post, I have the most wonderfully perfect little ball of fur sitting on my lap. 🙂

This spring our Old Man Cat passed away. He had been our wedding present to each other, and we missed him terribly.

Well, okay, I missed him terribly. Toward the end of his life he had begun to terrorize the children and the dog, and he hissed at my husband whenever he got the chance.

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Isis the Kitten // Once Upon a Time in a Bed of Wildflowers

About a month ago, I became ready for a new cat. I wanted a kitten, but not an infant; I didn’t want the dog to accidentally step on her. Our dog is not the most agile of creatures, after all! And I wanted her to be black. A Witch ought to have a black cat, right? I in keeping with the Witch theme, I was going to name her Morgan le Fey.

(As you can see, my kitten isn’t black — more on that later. She also isn’t named Morgan.)

But I also wanted the right cat. She was going to be my companion; the kids were going back to school, my husband is going to be traveling a lot for work this year. And I had complete confidence that the cat who was destined to be MY cat would find me.

There was a lady in a rural area near her with a couple of black kittens. But by the time I made arrangements to go meet them, they had already found new owners.

I asked my friend, who volunteers in an animal shelter, if he would keep an eye out for black kittens, and let me know if they got any in.

It’s still kitten season around here, and not 24 hours later he texted me: They had two. Could I come in today?

I got my mom to take the kids, picked up my brand-new kitten carrier and drove to the shelter.

I walked in, and a little gray kitten stood up. She started mewing, then climbing the door of her cage. My friend’s wife scooped her out of her cage and handed her to me.

And I WAS IN LOVE!!!Isis the Kitten // Once Upon a Time in a Bed of Wildflowers

She was my cat, and her name was Isis.

That wasn’t the name that the shelter had given her… but from the moment she first lifted her head, I knew that she was my cat and her name was Isis.

My cat had found me.

 Isis the Goddess The Goddess Isis

Isis is an ancient Egyptian Goddess, known for being the goddess of health, marriage, and love. She taught her people how to grind grain for bread and spin flax for cloth; she taught reading, agriculture, and the healing arts.

She is generally seen as a moon goddess, and in her Mother aspect; though she can, at times, be seen as the Death Crone.

She was worshiped in the ancient Egyptian religions, and her worship continued throughout the Roman Empire. Many pagan circles still worship Isis as the Mother Aspect of the Triple Goddess.

Many of Isis’s attributes have also found their way into the Christian understanding of the Virgin Mary, and some of the most iconic images of Mary nursing Baby Jesus, are strikingly similar to those of Isis and her son.

Image credit to Jeff Dahl; used under the Creative Commons licence.

Isis the Kitten

Isis the Kitten // Once Upon a Time in a Bed of Wildflowers


Isis the kitten, is a kitten. She is also MY kitten.

She is happy to see my husband, and bounds off to meet him, as only a kitten can do, when he comes home from work. She listens attentively while the Boy plays his clarinet, and consents to be one of a row of stuffed animal-students, while the Pixie plays school.

But it’s me she wants to snuggle with, and my lap she wants to sit on. Which is, of course, as it should be.

Isis the Kitten // Once Upon a Time in a Bed of Wildflowers


Sitting on my computer is not ideal kitten behavior. Also, Isis can’t spell. I guess she shouldn’t have slept through the Pixie’s school! 😉

How is the dog liking her, you might ask.


Well, she has a brand new elephant toy, got some extra-special love, and has to have her bed checked every evening –and sometimes have a kitten forcibly ejected; by us, the dog is incapable of force. So, yes, our 70-pound Golden is being bullied by a 3-pound kitten.

Also, the dog’s tail makes the Best Cat Toy Ever… though, since I’m not even sure the Golden knows she has a tail, I don’t think that’s bothering her.

And now… my kitten is awake, and wants to play. So that’s what we’re going to go do! 🙂

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  2. Congratulations, she’s perfect! I have always needed a feline companion, too, it’s just a necessary thing 😉

  3. She’s super cute! Makes me miss my sweet tabby. Glad you found your fuzzy little love!

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