My Week on Wednesday… Preserving Summer

Visit us each week for a great list of blogs I've visited and articles I want to tell you about. Plus a little of what's going on at my teeny tiny urban homestead || Once Upon a Time in a Bed of WildflowersThe Year Wheel has turned again, and fall is upon us. We just passed Mabon, the second of the Harvest Festivals, the Autumn Equinox…and for a brief moment the day and night were balanced, and now we are heading into the dark part of the year. It is a time for giving thanks — for the sunshine which has grown our crops, for the harvest, for our friends and families, and for all of the things we have accomplished over the year.

It is a time for harvesting, and storing away this year’s crop. It is a time for coming into ourselves a little: what are our dreams and hopes for next year? How will we accomplish them? In preparation for spending more time inside, it is a good time to clean your house.

It’s apple picking time! 🙂

In light of all that, I’m changing up My Week on Wednesday just a little bit. I’m still going to tell you a bit about what’s been going on in my life, and share great links with you… but instead of just listing random links that I loved, I’m going to try and go with a theme. This week, for example, I’m going to share a great list of Harvesting and Preserving Summer links.

This new thing is going to take a LOT more organization on my part — never my strong suit — so I’m not sure how well it’s going to work. But we’re going to give it a go! Be sure to let me know what you think.

*** pauses to take son to urgent care due to some confusion as to what Be Careful With Knives really means ***
*** train of thought completely lost ***
*** let’s all look at a picture of my dog ***

via Once Upon a Time in a Bed of Wildflowers

Well, now, that’s better.

Where were we.

Ah, yes, Preserving Summer…

    • Homemade Mint Extract — We have oodles of mint in our yard. I dry it for tea, but I’ve never tried making mint extract before!
    • How to Freeze Peppers — This is actually not how I freeze my pepper… I do it this way because when I cook with them, I like them singed… so I singe them, and *then* freeze them.
      BUT, I also like them raw. In salads, maybe, and to send in with the kids’ lunches. I had never thought of freezing them this way! I am totally going to try this!!!
    • How to Make Old-Fashioned Peach Butter — Peach butter was the first thing I ever canned!
    • How to Harvest Sunflower Seeds — I’m embarrassed to say that I have never given much thought to sunflower seeds. I stick them in the kids’ lunches sometimes, but I have never even thought of growing my own sunflowers and harvesting my own seeds. Until now, that is. Surely there is a sunny patch somewhere in my yard that would consent to grow a sunflower or two!
    • Cinnamon Rum Pears — Enough said. 🙂
    • How to Make Sun Dried Tomatoes — Delicious!
    • Honey Spiced Dried Apple Rings — We can get tons of apples for free so I am absolutely trying this! They would make delicious snacks for the kids’ lunches!
    • Easy No Peel Whole Apple Applesauce — Applesauce is easy to make, and easy to can. And this method is even easier!
    • How to Pressure Can Green Beans — I love this post. It is like it is written in a way to make you think your friend is right there in the kitchen, showing you how to pressure can.
    • Ground Beef Jerky Using a Jerky Gun — I had never heard of a jerky gun. Now I want one.
    • Drying Fresh Rosemary — Dry your own spices. I can smell the rosemary now. 🙂
    • How to Butcher a Chicken — I thought this was important to share… blood, feathers, and dead chickens included. If you eat meat, I think you should have some understanding as to what it means to raise an animal, and then butcher it. Of course, most chickens are factory farmed, live in horrific conditions, and suffer at the time of death. This way is different. As Shaye Elliot so ably explains, her birds are sacrificed in a manner which allows for genuine thankfulness and for the bird’s sacrifice to be fully appreciated.

There you have it. The first theme-specific My Week on Wednesday. Did you like it?

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Quote of the Week via Once Upon a Time in a Bed of Wildflowers

Thank you for joining me for My Week on Wednesday. Tell me, what did you do this week? I’d love to hear!

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  1. tessa says:

    Thanks for linking our sun dried tomato post, Christine! These all look great!

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    Thanks for linking to me. All of these posts are great! 🙂

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