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Hello, and welcome to another My Week on Wednesday! Today we’re going to talk about apples!

Now, apples are kind of a big deal in my family. I quite literally grew up in the middle of an apple orchard and it seems to me that about half of my childhood memories involve apples in some way: picking apples, moving apples so my mom could mow the lawn, climbing apple trees, falling out of apple trees. Our swings were in apple trees. We played house under apple trees, and made soup with the fallen apples. We set sail or fort in the big apple crates; the bookshelves in my bedroom (and first apartment) were made from small apple crates. In the fall pickers came right into our yard with their ladders to pick apples — and they brought their kids, which was all kinds of fun for this country kid who, except for the fall, lived miles from any other kids!

Christine of Once Upon a Time in a Bed of Wildflowers enjoying her first apple season

photo credit to my mom

And then, of course, there was the eating of the apples — from the tiny hard green baby apples that you could hardly bite and were so sour they hurt to eat, to applesauce by the gallon, to pies, and crisps, and jellies, and, of course that perfect sun-warmed fall apple which was a little like biting into heaven.

And now… on to APPLES!  I have collected a bunch of  posts about apples to share with you, from myself, my fellow bloggers at the Homestead Bloggers Network, and some of my other favorite bloggers.

My Week on Wednesday -- Apples // Once Upon a Time in a Bed of Wildflowers


Apples — Which Variety for What? This is a great post — especially for me, who grew up eating whatever apple was at hand. I am sure that my mom and grandmother knew this stuff… but I never learned it!

I have a favorite apple, and it was one that I never had while growing up. Honey Crisp. I even buy them sometimes in the fall… even though the orchards around my parents’ are dripping with many other wonderful varieties. What is your favorite apple?

There’s nothing more American than Apple Pie:

Easy Apple Pie Recipe — You can have apple pie for breakfast. It is totally allowed.

Grain Free Apple Pie — My cousins are gluten-free, so I am definitely saving this one for the holiday season!

Deep Dish French Apple Pie with Salted Caramel Sauce — How amazing does this sound?

Canning Apple Pie Filling — Save all those apples for springtime pies.

How to Pressure Can Apple Pie Filling — It’s faster than water bath canning!

Freezer Apple Pie Filling — In case you don’t have the time or inclination to can.

Desserts Beyond Pie:

Gluten-Free Apple Crisp Recipe — You can also have apple crisp for breakfast, especially when it’s gluten-free!

Best Caramel Apple Cookies Ever — I’m not going to argue! 😉

Cooking with Kids: Scrumptious Apple Crisp — Even toddlers can learn to help in the kitchen. And this recipe is easy enough for them to really help.

Apple Pecan Coffee Cake — This looks amazing.

Apple Berry Crisp — Fresh strawberries and last year’s apples? Fresh apples and berries frozen during the summer? Either way they would combine beautifully in this. In fact, I have blueberries in the freezer right now… 😉

Jams, Jellies, and Preserves:

Apple Prune Preserves — This is one is a family favorite!

Crab Apple Jelly — Mmmmm… my grandmother used to make this.

The Unappreciated Apple: Crab Apple Butter — I looked for crab apples this year and couldn’t find them. I might have to try this with “regular” apples, just because I like apple butter on my oatmeal!

Apple Maple Jam — Apparently this tastes like apple pie in a jar. What’s not to love?


Easy No Peel Whole Applesauce — Easy is good. And this is easy.

Homemade Crock Pot Applesauce (The Best Smelling Thing I Ever Made) — You know, some how or other I have never actually made applesauce in the crock pot. This seems like a serious oversight on my part!

Crock Pot Applesauce — I am SO behind the times here…

Probiotic Apple Sauce — Brilliant.

Apple Rhubarb Sauce with Vanilla Ice Cream — Okay, this one is more for springtime and using up the very last of the apples. But it’s delicious!

Home Canned Applesauce — Enjoy applesauce all winter long!

Apple Chips:

How to Make Dried Apple Chips — Such an awesome, wholesome snack!

Dehydrating Apples with Cinnamon — Yum!

Honey Spiced Dried Apple Rings — These look delicious!

Apple Chips — These ones are done in the oven; no dehydrator necessary.

Apple Chips and ACV — Don’t throw out the peels and cores — you can make Apple Cider Vinegar with them! And if you use ACV like we do, you totally should!

More Apple Stuff:

Spontaneous Hard Apple Cider — How fun! 🙂

Apple Cinnamon Cabbage Stew — What an interesting way to use up leftovers!

Apple Walnut Stuffing — My mouth is watering! Yum!

Sweet & Savory Sweet Potato Stew — It’s the apples that make this sweet!

30 Fabulous Apple Recipes — Because you can never have too many apple recipes! 🙂

Eat apples!

What else can you do with apples?

* Spread nut or sun butter on apple slices. Top with raisins, pumpkin seeds, chocolate chips, or whatever happens to be in your cupboard!

* Chop and toss in with cooking oatmeal. The apples will be barely cooked, but delicious!

* Slice and pack in school lunches. Maybe with a bit of cheese for added fat and protein.

* Eat them fresh from the tree and warm from the sun.

Dance with your apples!

 And, finally,  Make Shrunken Apple Heads. Because you just never know when you might need a shrunken apple head!

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Quote of the Week from My Week on Wednesday via Once Upon a Time in a Bed of Wildflowers

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  1. Don’t worry about using “regular” apples with my crab apple butter recipe. Just taste before adding all of the sugars. Often sweeter apples won’t require as much sugar as our tart crabby friends 🙂

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