My Week on Wednesday and Compost

Everything you need to know about COMPOST! A collection of over 30 posts, including a basic overview, tips & tricks, posts on building composters, and all the different composting methods -- including vermicomposting! Brought to you by Once Upon a Time in a Bed of Wildflowers

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Hello and welcome to another My Week on Wednesday! Did you miss me last week? We were on Spring Break, and while we didn’t go anywhere interesting, or even have all that wonderful of weather, we had a nice time hanging out together.

Yeah, okay, there were a couple days there where the kids stayed in their pajamas all day! (I am personally okay with that as an occasional thing. I might have stayed in my pajamas all day once, too.)

The highlights of our week included:

    • My kids played every board game we own at least once
    • An Epic Game of Tag on the playground. By the way, the Boy is FAST. It is totally possible he is faster than his Mama, though not as crafty! 😉
    • Meeting friends at the hairdresser. Yeah, so that would be 5 kids haircuts… all in one small, upscale salon. So thanks to the staff for their awesomeness, and also to the other patrons for their patience. In particular to the woman with all sorts of book recommendations for the kids! Incidentally, this was a Total Accident — we would never have subjected anyone (in particular the Boy and the Girl, who had to have their hair cut in the same room! The horror!) to this on purpose, but also turned out to be a lot of fun for the younger kids. And then we all went out for lunch. Win! 🙂
    • Taking the Pixie to see Cinderella — it was awesome! I completely recommend it!
    • Cleaning up the yard. Okay, not the picking up dog poop part, but the raking out the gardens and that sort of thing.

My husband has a great sense of humor! And, yes, that is the rainbow-colored poop of a crayon-eating dog! // Once Upon a Time in a Bed of Wildflowers

Cleaning up the yard always brings me to one of my homesteading nemesis: the Compost Pile.

What I really want is to just throw my veggie scraps and fall leaves into a pile and then wake up one day to perfect compost. That is not quite how it works. Though, in all fairness, it doesn’t need to be much more complicated than that!

I have collected a bunch of composting posts from my friends over at the Homestead Bloggers Network, and some of my other favorite bloggers because I am always looking for the perfect composting technique that will give me awesome compost with minimal effort!

Everything You Need to Know About Composting: An Overview 

Compost is Black Gold from Yearning and Learning

5 Easy Steps to Composting from the Homesteading Hippy

The Dirty Truth about Composting from Survival at Home — This post includes a Very Helpful Graphic 🙂

 Mulch and Compost from Homestead Lady

Everything You Need to Know About Composting (A My Week on Wednesday Post) // Once Upon a Time in a Bed of WIldflowers

Composting Methods

There are so many different ways to compost, you are sure to find the perfect set-up for your home and lifestyle!

Chickens and Compost from The 104 Homestead — this is the TOP of my list of why I should get chickens. That and the only space I have in my yard to keep them is… right where my compost pile already is! 😉

Composting Chicken Machine from Idlewild Alaska

3 Reasons to Use a Compost Tumbler from Homestead Lady

Using a Compost Barrel Tumbler from Pint Size Farm

How to Make Simple Compost Tea from Northern Homestead

Garbage Smoothie from My Sister’s Pantry

Cold Weather Composting from Father’s Earth Gear

Vermicomposting via Once Upon a Time in a Bed of WIldflowers
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Vermicomposting: Composting with Worms 

This gets its very own section because a) it’s cool; b) so very many of my friends have written about it; and c) given our situation this is probably the best composting method for us… except for the part where you haven’t really sold me on the whole Worms in the Basement Idea. Yet.

Why You Should be Composting with Worms from The 104 Homestead

The Lazy Gardener’s Way to Make Fertilizer from Tenth Acre Farm — Oh, hello. You had me at Lazy. 😉

Vermicompost: I am a Worm Overlord from Gentleman Homesteading Consultant

Vermicomposting 101: How & Why to Start a Worm Farm from Chickens Are a Gateway Animal

Vermicomposting Questions and Answers with Homestead Chronicles from Homestead Lady

Worm Composting from Joybilee Farms

Worm Factory 360 Review from Montana Homesteader

Red Wiggler Worms vs. Earthworms from Pint Size Farm

Vermicomposting: Potential Problems and What to do About Them

Saving a Frozen Worm Bin and Everything You Need to Know About Worm Composting from Lady Lee’s Home

Why are Worms Escaping my Compost Bin? from Montana Homesteader

Controlling Mites in Your Worm Bin from Little Big Harvest — It’s not as bad as it sounds! I promise!

Composting Tips & Tricks (A My Week on Wednesday Post) // Once Upon a Time in a Bed of Wildflowers

(modified from this image)

Tips & Tricks of Composting

How to Make a Lot of Compost from SchneiderPeeps

Compost in 30 Days from A Return to Simplicity

If You Love Me, You’ll Pee in the Compost from The 104 Homestead

Compost Temperature: Is Your Compost Hot Enough? from Five Little Homesteaders

Don’t Put These Plants in the Compost from Mom Prepares

10 Things You Never Want to Compost from Imperfectly Happy

Build Your Own Composter

While a simple pile in the corner of your yard will do, you might want something that looks a little neater, or works a little more efficiently.

Simple Pallet Compost Bin from Little Big Harvest

A Cheap DIY Compost from Little House on the Hundred Acre Wood

DIY Compost Tea Bucket from Homestead Lady

DIY Underground Compost Bin from Pint Size Farm

 Kids and Compost

Whether it is minding the worms, or carrying out the compost a pile somewhere, composting is an excellent job for the kids!

Interview with the Author of “Compost Stew” from Bean & Bee — “Compost Stew” is a picture book, by the way, but the author shares some of her very own composting tips in the interview!

Farm Sprouts Q & A: Vermicomposting with Kids from Hobby Farms

And now…

Quote of the Week

Approximately daily, I post quotes on my Facebook Page. The quote with the most likes, shares, and comments will become the Quote of the Week. Be sure to “like” my page so you don’t miss any, and so you can make your favorites known!

Quote of the Week // Once Upon a Time in a Bed of Wildflowers

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Everything you need to know about COMPOST! A collection of over 30 posts, including a basic overview, tips & tricks, posts on building composters, and all the different composting methods -- including vermicomposting! Brought to you by Once Upon a Time in a Bed of Wildflowers


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  1. tessa says:

    This is an awesome collection of posts!

  2. What a rich heap of composting wisdom! Thanks so much for including my COMPOST STEW author interview among all the great resources here! Coincidentally, I’m currently hosting a giveaway of the book on the COMPOST STEW Facebook page, and welcome everyone to DIG IN TO WIN >

    Meanwhile, wishing you all the best in your quest to produce awesome compost with minimal effort… my strategy, too! 😉

  3. This list is AWESOME! While we have a worm bin already, we still have a LOT to learn about more conventional composting methods. Thank you for doing all the leg work and collecting these posts.

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