From the Farm Blog Hop… June 26

From the Farm Blog Hop

Hey! It’s Friday!!!

Now, to tell you the truth, I only became aware of this fact about two hours ago. No. Seriously.

The kids’ last day of school was Wednesday… yesterday was not actually spent in a first-day-of-the-holidays stupor, but doing regular Thursday things — like going to the Public Market — and the boy had a Theory of Jazz class where they didn’t let him take out his clarinet but made him (gasp and shudder) singIt was SO good for him!!! (He actually has an amazing voice… but it’s like pulling teeth to get him to use it for something other than yelling at his sister!)

So, anyway, there I was wondering what picture I’m going to use for the Blog Hop tomorrow… and then suddenly I realized that it WAS “tomorrow”! And actually has been “tomorrow” all freaking day. Sigh…

Great start to summer, huh?

Last Day of School // From the Farm Blog Hop // Once Upon a Time in a Bed of Wildflowers

Awww… see how they’ve grown!!!
I suddenly have the feeling that it wasn’t just Thursday that I somehow misplaced…

And now… (finally)…

It’s time for another round of From The Farm where we love to see your ideas on how to garden, homestead, or any DIY tips and tricks. Last Week’s Top 5 Favorites, as chosen by YOU:

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Christine @ Once Upon A Time in A Bed of Wildflowers (that’s ME!)  

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