From the Farm Blog Hop… July 15

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Happy Friday! And happy From the Farm Blog Hop day!!!

Have you been enjoying your summer so far? We have!!! We’ve been trying to do something fun every day. And Preserving Season has begun in earnest!

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The kids spent a few nights with their Grannie–fun for them, quiet for me. My husband bought me a paddle board–fun for me, painful for my legs. We started freezing cherries–it’s going to be a light year, the farmers tell me; luckily I already froze a ton of strawberries, and I hope there are lots of blueberries, too, to make up for it. And we spent a good bit of yesterday at the art museum–because it was so hot in my house!

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Once Upon a Time in a Bed of Wildflowers

So… now that you know what we have been up to, it’s time for you to share what you have been doing! We want to see your ideas on how to garden, homestead, or any DIY tips and tricks. Here are last Week’s Top 3 Favorites, as chosen by YOU:

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