What is a GMO? (And why do so many people want them banned?)

GMO article

You may have been hearing a lot about GMOs, or genetically modified organisms, over the past few weeks. At the end of May, millions of people from all over the world participated in the March Against Monsanto to protest GMOs and the company Monsanto, which is a giant in the GMO … Continue reading

Land of the Free…?


Over the past couple of weeks I have noticed a shocking—and disturbing—lack of discussion regarding the constitutional disaster that occurred in Boston after the tragic bombing at the Boston Marathon. One would think that wanton disregard for the United States Constitution in the city that birthed the American Revolution (just as the … Continue reading

Spring Soup with Fall Vegetables

There are a lot of things to love about April. The weather is getting warmer, the days longer, and we stay on the playground after school for ages. Little blue flowers carpet the lawns in my neighborhood, and daffodils’ yellow cheeriness is everywhere. On the other hand, finding tasty and … Continue reading

Dye Eggs, Naturally

Natural Egg Dye

To celebrate the First Day of Spring we dyed eggs. Naturally. In other words, we used plants to make the dye rather than stain our beautiful eggs with the harsh, chemical-filled colors that “food” coloring will produce. Most people think of coloring eggs as an Easter tradition and I have … Continue reading

Brussels Sprout Stew (or How to Tackle March like an Irishwoman)

Brussels Sprout Stew sq

A friend of mine always said that you should tackle March like an Irishwoman—and by that she meant, sitting in front of the fire with a pot of tea (and maybe some scones), a couple of balls of yarn, and a crochet hook, with an Irish stew bubbling away on the stove. I … Continue reading

Werewolves, Vampires, and a Cup of Hot Chocolate

          My friend is coming over today. I expected her Tuesday, but then Life Happened. My life, as it turned out, rather than hers… which is somewhat out of the ordinary for us. My life is usually the boring one; Mercy’s is the interesting one. I have … Continue reading

Keep Pop-Tarts (That Look Like Guns) Out of Our Schools!

Not that long ago, when a kid nibbled his breakfast pastry into a shape, someone might have told him to stop messing around and finish his breakfast. Now, if he does it at school, he can be suspended. Well, he can if someone decides that his nibbled pastry looks like … Continue reading

Like “Insulin for Diabetes” … Or Not?

Anatomy of an Epidemic

            Are the very drugs we are taking to combat mental illness actually making us sick? This is one of the questions raised in Anatomy of an Epidemic: Magic Bullets, Psychiatric Drugs, and the Astonishing Rise of Mental Illness in America by Robert Whitaker. And, after … Continue reading

Decadent Hot Chocolate with Red Wine

Update: I don’t wish to deny that this recipe is… decadent. However it is not very “real food” … for a better–and dare I say it? tastier–version of this recipe, try my Divine Hot Chocolate. Leftover wine is not a concept with which I am all that familiar… but earlier this week, … Continue reading