Fruit Cups and Curling Ribbon

I kind of have this thing for curling ribbon. I have quite a stash of it—nine different colors—and I use it for dressing up packages wrapped in repurposed brown paper grocery bags and for making impressive-looking bake sale items. A little bit of curling ribbon can make a baggie with … Continue reading

Wine, Warm and Spicy

          I am not one to pass up the opportunity to drink wine. And, though this recipe is for a spiced wine meant to be drunk at Imbolc, which is the holiday when Witches celebrate the first whispers of spring, I was certainly not going to … Continue reading

Whispers of Spring

digital painting by Marybeth Bradbury -- visit her here:

        I remember, many years ago, one cold February evening, standing in a darkening parking lot with the man who would be my husband. The day had been gray; the dusk was colorless. Old snow lay flat on the ground and the pavement was crusted with salt. … Continue reading

This is not a Second Amendment Rant

Ceci n'est pas une 2nd Amendment Right

            I found this picture on one of the “Guns Are Bad” Facebook pages that have become so popular lately. My friends share the pictures and I get a few on my newsfeed every day: Some of the pictures are witty, a lot of them … Continue reading