Cheese Recipes and Other Made from Milk Recipes

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My Facebook Followers will know that on Monday I got an impromptu cheese-making lesson when I stopped in to visit a friend and found her a few minutes into making 30 Minute Mozzarella. In less than a half-hour we were eating seriously delicious, fresh, homemade mozzarella cheese. Now, I have … Continue reading

Eat Your Weeds!

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The plants we think of as food usually come from grocery store shelves, or better yet, from tables at farmers’ markets. Or even better, from our neatly planted gardens. My point being, that the plants we intend to eat are usually lined up in a row, neat and ordered. But … Continue reading

From the Farm Blog Hop… June 26

Hey! It’s Friday!!! Now, to tell you the truth, I only became aware of this fact about two hours ago. No. Seriously. The kids’ last day of school was Wednesday… yesterday was not actually spent in a first-day-of-the-holidays stupor, but doing regular Thursday things — like going to the Public … Continue reading