Red, White & Blue Cookies… for Patriotic Moments

Red, White & Blue Cookies

            You might think it’s a little strange (hypocritical, even) to pause in the middle of a blog series on GMOs, and why so many people want them banned and how to avoid them to write about Jell-O Cookies. Jell-O, of course, being a GMO-laden concoction, which also contains … Continue reading

Land of the Free…?


Over the past couple of weeks I have noticed a shocking—and disturbing—lack of discussion regarding the constitutional disaster that occurred in Boston after the tragic bombing at the Boston Marathon. One would think that wanton disregard for the United States Constitution in the city that birthed the American Revolution (just as the … Continue reading

This is not a Second Amendment Rant

Ceci n'est pas une 2nd Amendment Right

            I found this picture on one of the “Guns Are Bad” Facebook pages that have become so popular lately. My friends share the pictures and I get a few on my newsfeed every day: Some of the pictures are witty, a lot of them … Continue reading