Quick, Easy, Homemade Valentines

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It’s almost Valentine’s Day… and if you are the parent of grade-school or preschool age kids that probably means Valentine’s Day parties at school. Yay! High fructose corn syrup, food dye… and boxed Valentines cards. Now, I’m sure you know that I have very strong objections to the first two… … Continue reading

Food Rules from a Fourth Grader

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 see the bottom of this post for details Today I am honored to introduce my very first Guest Blogger ever — my nine-year-old son, known to you all as The Boy. He read the Young Reader’s Edition of Michael Pollan’s The Omnivore’s Dilemma, and wrote this post with only a minimal … Continue reading

School Uniforms: 5 Good Reasons to LOVE Them

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School Uniforms. Who would have thought it would be such an emotionally charged topic? People either seem to like them, or vehemently and passionately hate them. I’m not exactly sure why… but I sort of suspect that the very mention of uniforms brings to mind nuns (with rulers) ready to … Continue reading


Spotted Dick // Once Upon a Time in a Bed of Wildflowers

  As you might recall, we are kind of big Harry Potter fans around here, and last week we were trapped in the house, as it were, by Spring Break with no springtime weather in sight. We found ourselves leafing through The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook looking for something Tasty & Delicious … Continue reading

To the uneducated an “A” is just three sticks… or How to Raise a Clever Reader

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I’m not going to lie. I feel a little bit uncomfortable writing this post… but one of the kids’ teachers asked me to. Why? Because my Pixie–my just-barely-turned-six kindergartner–has to leave her kindergarten classroom every day to go have English/Language Arts with the big kids. She has read The Wonderful … Continue reading

Real Food Birthday Party (plus Ice Cream Recipe)

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I think I am deserving of a Real Food gold star, thank you very much. The Pixie is about to turn six… and we had her birthday party this weekend. (This, by the way, is my excuse for not having the article I meant to write written… as in, it’s … Continue reading

Why my Daughter will NOT be Selling Girl Scouts Cookies

Why my daughter will NOT be selling Girl Scout Cookies // Once Upon a Time in a Bed of Wildflowers

    It’s Girl Scout Cookie time here for the Girl Scouts of Western New York… and I have to tell my adorable little brand-new Daisy Scout that she will not be participating in this time-honored Girl Scout tradition. There will be disappointment. There may even be tears. But I … Continue reading

26 Books to Help Celebrate the Return of Light

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Whether you are Christian, Pagan, or Jewish, or whether you celebrate Kwanzaa or a very secular Santa Clause-and-tinsel sort of holiday season, no one in the Northern Hemisphere can fail to notice that the time leading up to this Season is marked by the days growing shorter and the nights … Continue reading

How to get rid of Lice… Naturally

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Everyone hates to get the Dreaded Letter saying that their child “may have been exposed to lice,” but as I said in Head Lice Part One, it is NO reason to panic. But what happens when the Dreaded Letter says that your child actually has lice? Now can you panic??? Of course … Continue reading