White Hot Chocolate with Gingerbread Spice

hot chocolate sq

The other day, when I was working on my Gingerbread Cookie Latte post, two of the most adorable little kids were following me around with these sad puppy eyes. (Yes, they were my kids, and no, they don’t drink coffee.) So I decided to make them a special drink of their … Continue reading

Divine Hot Chocolate (with Red Wine)

Divine Hot Chocolate with Red Wine

I was browsing the earliest recipes in this blog… and I have to say, not all of them are up to the high Real Food standards I now hold myself to. That doesn’t mean they are bad… exactly. Case-in-point, my Decadent Hot Chocolate with Red Wine. Not even a year … Continue reading

Decadent Hot Chocolate with Red Wine

Update: I don’t wish to deny that this recipe is… decadent. However it is not very “real food” … for a better–and dare I say it? tastier–version of this recipe, try my Divine Hot Chocolate. Leftover wine is not a concept with which I am all that familiar… but earlier this week, … Continue reading