My Week on Wednesday… October 23, 2013





My Week on Wednesday

What is My Week on Wednesday?

Sort of a recap of my week…

Some of the things I did… and some of the blogs I visited. Especially the ones that I found to be particularly interesting, or, entertaining, or useful.

(Of course, I came up with this idea yesterday morning, so I’m afraid this week’s list of Cool & Interesting Blog Articles will be a little… well, lame.)

Oh. And is somehow became Thursday…

But anyway…

Farmer October

I bought kind of a silly amount of broccoli and cauliflower at the Public Market… but I couldn’t decide between the purple cauliflower and the white cauliflower, and of course, I had to have broccoli.

So, yes, we have been eating a LOT of broccoli and cauliflower. My favorite way to eat it? Roasted and over pasta with plenty of garlic, olive oil, and cheese. We toss in tomatoes, or stripes of grass-fed beef for variety. (Not a lot of variety, really…)



Looking at the dirt

It was my pleasure to help heard a pack of kindergartners around the Pumpkin Patch. They impressed everyone within earshot by being able to explain exactly what seeds need to grow, by being perfectly aware that their food comes from farms and farmers (as opposed to grocery stores), and that chickens lay eggs.

Our kids might be straight-up city kids… but at least they KNOW where their food comes from! 🙂




Meeting the Goats

Meeting the Goats

Making Friends

Making Friends










We also went to the Pumpkin Patch as a family… and I am absolutely convinced that I want a cow.


Please stop reminding me that I cannot have a cow in the city. You spoil my fun!


My post How to get rid of Lice… Naturally was one of the posts featured on Real Food Forager’s Sunday Snippets. I was giddy!








And I finished this week’s post… Rosemary French Prune JamRosemary French Prune Jam








Speaking of yummy… I saw The Aliso Kitchen’s Rachel’s Rough Day Rice Pudding, which I absolutely HAVE to try. It sounds delicious!

And this highly useful post from Small Footprint Family explaining the different kinds of sugars. I’ve always wondered, and now I know!

The Boy, not quite a year old, and his cloth-diapered bottom

The Boy, not quite a year old, and his cloth-diapered bottom

Also from Small Footprint Family, this post on the dangers of disposable diapers, which almost–but not quite–made me wish I still had a little one running around the house in cloth diapers! Did (or do) you cloth diaper?

I reread about the dangers of soy infant formula from Food Renegade. Please! If you can’t nurse–for whatever reason–find something safer than soy for your little one!




But on a happy note, Food Renegade also tells us that Mexico has temporarily banned GMO corn. Go Mexico!!!




I know I read many more wonderful posts… I just didn’t keep track of them. I am for this week, though!




houseplantsI have houseplants, which is very exciting. I tend to kill houseplants… but these one have been in my custody for several days. And they are still  alive! Also, they no longer live in the sink. But they do live up high!


I am one of the reasons all the houseplants die. The other is that my mom doesn't water them.

I am one of the reasons all the houseplants die. The other is that my mom doesn’t water them.












And, finally, I put this glitter on an old pair of the Boy’s high tops, because the Pixie is going to be Punk Dorothy for Halloween. I did it all by myself with hardly and Issues and no Tragedies. This is unusual for me.

I am sure that red glitter will stop turning up everywhere… someday.

ruby high tops



I hope you all had a wonderful week… and I will see you next week for My Week on Wednesday. In the meantime, look for my next post discussing whether or not there are BPAs hiding the lids of your canning jars. It should be up sometime this weekend.

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