My Week on Wednesday… September 10

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Hello and welcome to another My Week on Wednesday where I take a few moments to share what I’ve been doing over the week. I share some of the blogs I’ve visited, and some of the things that I have learned.

First things first: I HAVE to tell you this really amazing thing. You can get an entire healthy living library for less than $30! Natural remedies, Real Food Recipes (including a Christmas Cookie one, and a bunch of Gluten Free ones!), Green Cleaning, Natural Beauty and Skin Care, Gardening; basically if there’s something you want to know to make your family healthier… it’s in here!

Yes, it’s an affiliate link. But I’ve already bought them… and I kinda don’t want to write this post because I want to get started reading my new books! There are some old favorites in there, plus some that have been on my “wish list” for ages!

So go check it out NOW because the sale only runs until the 15th, or until we’ve sold 30,000 bundles — whichever comes first!

So… what else is going on in my world?

Well, the kids had a very successful first week of school. I want to say that we are all back into the swing of things, and that I am getting tons done. But that would be a lie.

I’m not relaxing much, either. I’m not sure where the time is going, though I think I could guess…

I have a kitten! // Once Upon a Time in a Bed of Wildflowers


I have a kitten! But you already knew that. I shared pictures of her last week, and I wrote a post about her. Well… she’s adorable and I love her to pieces!

I haven’t forgotten about my beautiful Golden, though! See, I bought her a new toy! 🙂

I still love my Golden // Once Upon a Time in a Bed of Wildflowers

And now… it’s cold and flu season, did you know? The Boy came home from school with a distinct peaky, puffy look about him that had me dosing both kids (for the very first time; I’m late to this particular party) with fermented cod liver oil (affiliate link). Other tricks I keep up my sleeve are Pepperup Potion, and Mama’s Chicken Soup: the Cure for Everything except Death.

Other great cold and flu remedies:

    • Cold Kicker Remedy. I’m pretty sure this will kick a cold… and probably stomp on its head while its down. (It might knock you over, too!) This one takes a couple of weeks to “brew” so you’d best get on it. 😉

    • This one’s a little gentler. Plus it has brandy in it — Elderberry Calendula Cold and Flu Elixir.

    • How to Make Your Own Elderberry Syrup. Elderberry syrup is supposed to be amazing for fighting colds and flu. I have never tried it… though I have made one with blackberries with great results. Er… blackberries and whiskey. 😉

    • Golden Milk for Inflammation. This one is less for when you are sick, and more to drink to keep yourself from getting sick. It’s made with turmeric, which is good for just about everything.

Other interesting things:

    • Grow a Lemon Tree in a Pot. I’ve always wanted to do this. It’s too cold for lemon trees here, though, and I would have to bring it in during the winter. Maybe someday I’ll get a greenhouse… or a sunny window… and give it a try! 
    • Bean Soaking 101. Confession: I reach for canned beans… sure,organic canned beans, far too often. Using local, dried beans and then soaking them is on my list!

    • I know I said I was done canning peaches. I may have lied. Spiced Brandied Peaches. Need I say more?

    • Homemade Spiced Apple Cider. Oh! This sounds amazing! Anyone have a cider press I can borrow?

    • Homemade Pear Jam Recipe. I don’t have a jam-making problem! I wish everyone would stop saying that! 😉

    • No Kneed Seed Bread. For the jam, of course. This recipe sounds very easy, do-able, and delicious besides!

    • Drying and Using Lavender. I would love to try this! I’ve been trying to grow lavender–in my back yard, and in the butterfly garden I share with my neighbors–for a couple of years now with no real luck. I just put some in my front garden this year and **crosses fingers** it’s looking good. There are so many awesome ways to use lavender! In the meantime, I can always buy my lavender here (affiliate link).

    • Dark Chocolate Coconut Bars. My first thought was, “Hey, something new to put in the kids’ school lunches.” But they really need to be refrigerated… So my second thought was, “Heeey… I can make them, keep them in the ‘fridge, and eat them when the kids are at school.” Mom treats. Good plan. 😉

    • Maca-Roons. Also sound delicious!

    • Is Your Dryer Toxic? (Hint: If you’re using dryer sheets it sure as hell is.) Read about just how toxic it is, and what your alternatives are. Please. Especially if you live in one of the houses I walk by regularly. Gag. You’re not just killing yourselves, you know…

And that cheery note brings us to the Quote of the Week. Approximately daily, I post quotes on my Facebook Page. The quote with the most likes, shares, and comments will become the Quote of the Week.

Quote of the Week // Once Upon a Time in a Bed of Wildflowers

Thank you for joining me for My Week on WednesdayTell me, what did you do this week? I’d love to hear!

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