Green 2015: EcoJarz Giveaway!

Would you like to Go Green in 2015? Join me and my friends from the From the Farm Blog Hop in this #ecojarz #giveaway // Once Upon a Time in a Bed of Wildflowers

I don’t really make New Year’s Resolutions; when I see a bad habit forming or want to add some good to my life I like to tackle it right away… rather than wait for some official date.

On the other hand, the New Year is a great time to get motivated to try something new.

Like, maybe, drinking more water and using fewer disposable cups? 

Ha, then you’ve come to the right place!

One of my wintertime downfalls is not drinking enough water. All summer long I get hot, I get thirsty, and I drink water. It’s a great system for me… but it falls flat during the wintertime.

It’s cold out, I don’t get thirsty… and suddenly it’s bedtime and I am wondering if I have had any water all day!!! Not good.

That is why I was so excited to receive, for my part in hosting this giveaway, a widemouth stainless steel lid, complete with bendy straw and straw cleaner!

EcoJarz Giveaway

As I am sure you can guess, having a glass of water sitting at my work space… probably not a good idea! I’m not saying that Isis-Kitten would mean to knock over my water… but she does like to stick her paws in random water glasses. And, aside from being messy and potentially catastrophic, it’s just plain gross!

So that’s why I kind of love my EcoJarz lid and straw.

More fun things about the widemouth stainless steel lid:

    • You take a plain old widemouth caning jar and screw on the lid. Zero waste.
    • It’s fun to drink out of. Plus the straw makes a kind of neat rattly sound, which I like.
    • It’s spill-resistant. Although it will spill if you tip it over. However, mason jars are reasonably difficult to tip over by accident (unless the accident involves a cat paw… or a toddler.) And even then, the water only sort of trickles out… no gushing, so that’s good.
    • The only problem is that, because of the bend in the straw, it’s hard to clean. Yes, there is the little brush… but it doesn’t go around the corner. So, water is pretty much it. (Though you should note that the smoothie straw is straight, so you wouldn’t have to worry about that!)


Would you like to win a set of EcoJarz for your Green 2015?

The ladies from the From The Farm Blog Hop have teamed together, partnered with EcoJarz to bring you this giveaway. Start your New Year Off in a Greener Way!


Jar Lover’s Gift Set Giveaway


jarlovers GIVEAWAY
What better way to green your drink that to use a glass mason jar? Most of us already have the laying around, so let’s put them to daily use! This jar lover’s gift set will give you enough jar tops to turn your favorite jars into your favorite drink holders! Comes with 4 Classic Lids (a wide-mouth coffee lid, small-mouth green lid, and a wide and small mouth stainless steel lid), a PopTop, 2 Smoothie Straws, and a Straw Cleaner. To get your chance, enter below.

Winners Notification

Winners will be notified by email at the end of the giveaway, and will have 48 hours to respond, if a winner does not respond within the 48 hour time frame they will be disqualified and a new winner will be chosen, the new winner will have 48 hours to respond or be disqualified for a new choice, until we get a proper winning response.

Enter Giveaway

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4 Responses to Green 2015: EcoJarz Giveaway!

  1. Chelsea Carnahan says:

    Wow, what a neat item. 😀

  2. Stephanie Olmsted says:

    We plan to green our year by not using paper towels.

    • onceuponatimeinabedofwildflowers says:

      That’s awesome! We almost never use paper towels… but we *do* keep a roll on hand for cleaning up cat puke. (Shhhh… don’t tell!)

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