My Week on Wednesday and Garden Planning

My Week on Wednesday and Planning Spring's Gardens // Once Upon a Time in a Bed of Wildflowers

Hello, and welcome to another My Week on Wednesday!

My husband was in Poland this week. And, guess what? It’s springtime there! He saw farmers plowing, and even planting! Here, though, it’s still freaking cold, with temps bottoming out in the single digits, or even colder, most nights. And the days aren’t that much warmer.

It’s really hard to think that spring and gardening season will be here soon… or, like, ever… but it really will be here before we know it. Honest! And, with that cheery thought in mind, I have collected a bunch of garden planning posts from my friends over at the Homestead Bloggers Network, and some of my other favorite bloggers.

Starting Out with Gardening

Is this your first season with a garden? Or maybe you’re looking to expand your garden this year? Or just looking to try something new?

How to Create a New Garden Bed from Northern Homestead — plus a video on how to make a raised bed!

Do not use Weed Control Fabric in the Garden from Northern Homestead

10 Frugal Gardening Tips from Pint Size Farm

8 Things you can do now to Have a Great Spring Garden from SchneiderPeeps

5 Springtime Garden Prep Tips for Healthier Plants from Mom Prepares

Getting Your Garden Ready for Spring, Part 1 & Part 2 from Aqua Berry Bliss

Raised Garden Beds: What to do for Spring? from the Homestead Lady

Square Foot Gardening: Growing Big in Small Spaces from Survival at Home

Square Foot Garden: A Quick and Easy Way to Begin a Garden from Grow a Good Life

photo credit: Grow a Good Life

photo credit: Grow a Good Life

Garden Layouts & Deciding What to Grow

This is my favorite part. It involves graph paper and seed catalogs and hopes and dreams. Sometimes it involves wine.

Choosing Seeds for a Small Garden from Lady Lee’s Home — this is an excellent article for deciding exactly what to plant, especially if you don’t have a lot of room!

Which Crops to Grow from Nature, Nurture, Grow

Garden Planning by What Your Family Eats from Little Mountain Haven

Planning Your Spring Garden from Survival at Home

Garden Planning from Pick to Plenty — There are four excellent parts to this series, so make sure you check them all out!

Planning your Vegetable Garden: Mapping the Garden Beds from Grow a Good Life

Garden Planning Springs to Mind from Little Sprouts Learning

7 Steps for Planning a Vegetable Garden from Lady Lee’s Home

7 Easy Steps to Simplify Your Garden Plan from Homestead Chronicles

photo credit: Homestead Chronicles

photo credit: Homestead Chronicles

Vegetable Garden Planning Made Easy from Taylor-Made Ranch

6 Companion Planting Mistakes from Another Homestead Blog

Companion Planting: Herbs and Vegetables from Herbal Academy of New England

6 Common Gardening Mistakes and How to Avoid or Fix Them from SchneiderPeeps

photo credit: Once Upon a Time in a Bed of Wildflowers

photo credit: Once Upon a Time in a Bed of Wildflowers

Gardens: Not Just For Vegetables

If vegetables aren’t your thing, what about herbs? Or just beautiful flowers? If your space is limited, bee and butterfly friendly plants might make more sense than a lonely tomato and a couple of bean plants!

How to Plan a Medicinal Herb Garden from the Homestead Lady

10 Herbs to Grow in a Natural Remedies Garden from the Nerdy Farm Wife

5 Reasons to Plant Wildflowers from Back to Basics!

Children in the Garden

Gardening can be a wonderful experience for children. They can learn about life, tenderness, what it is to nurture something. There is something magical about eating something they grew themselves. And, of course, they can be used to pull weeds — it’s character building, and who likes to weed, really?

Creating a Magical Children’s Garden from Little Mountain Haven

Garden Design with Children from Hobby Farms

Lessons Learned in the Garden as a Kid from A Cow Named Georgia


photo credit: The 104 Homestead

photo credit: The 104 Homestead

Special Needs Gardens

So what happens if you don’t own your own land? Or your yard is too shady? Or maybe you’re just a brand-new beginner, and haven’t a clue what you’re doing? No fear! You can still have your garden, and eat from it, too!

Growing Food Without Owning a Speck of Land from Northern Homestead

Growing Food on Paved Areas from Franger Farm

Small Space Gardening from The 104 Homestead

Gardening in NYC from Little Blog on the Homestead

Planning a Vegetable Garden in the Shade from The 104 Homestead

A Quick Guide to Shade Tolerant Vegetables from Franger Farm

5 Easy-to-Grow Vegetables from Weed ’em and Reap

Community Supported Agriculture from Little Blog on the Homestead –Okay, this isn’t a post about gardening. Maybe your special need is that you actually hate gardening. It happens. You can still have beautiful fresh fruits and vegetables — and support local farmers while you do it!

And now…

Quote of the Week

Approximately daily, I post quotes on my Facebook Page. The quote with the most likes, shares, and comments will become the Quote of the Week. Be sure to “like” my page so you don’t miss any, and so you can make your favorites known!

Quote of the Week // Once Upon a Time in a Bed of WIldflowers


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