Why I am Wearing a Safety Pin and Why You Should Wear One Too


This is not a political post. We can talk about standing up against hatred and bigotry without delving into politics. Standing up for what’s right should be something that unites us, not something that separates us. Please note that this post may contain affiliate links. When you begin your shopping through … Continue reading

Don’t Waste the Pits: How to Make Cherry Pit Syrup plus Five Ways to Preserve Cherries

Cherry Pit Syrup SQ

I hate waste. And, let’s be honest, whenever you take fresh produce and prepare it in some way, there is waste. The peels. The tops  The pits of cherries–well hang on a sec, I’m getting to it! Sure, you can always toss that stuff in your compost pile. (Learn more about … Continue reading

Sourdough: A Guide to Everything you Need to Know

Sourdough sq

Since I first started learning about health and nutrition, one of the first things I wanted to make was sourdough bread. I thought, if I only had my very own sourdough starter, I could make wholesome bread (and other things!) for my family. But I was hesitant. To be honest, I … Continue reading

How to Make a Classic Doctor Who Scarf

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  If you’re a Doctor Who fan — or knows someone who is — and you like to crochet, then you’re going to love this post! Why? Please note that this post may contain affiliate links. When you begin your shopping through an affiliate link, the price stays the same … Continue reading

Cheese Recipes and Other Made from Milk Recipes

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My Facebook Followers will know that on Monday I got an impromptu cheese-making lesson when I stopped in to visit a friend and found her a few minutes into making 30 Minute Mozzarella. In less than a half-hour we were eating seriously delicious, fresh, homemade mozzarella cheese. Now, I have … Continue reading

My Week on Wednesday and Earth Day

Personally I believe that EVERY day should be Earth Day. Here are some ideas and tips to help you save the world // Once Upon a Time in a Bed of Wildflowers

You have probably figured out by now that today is Earth Day! It’s a day when the entire world gets together to celebrate the Earth and to concentrate on taking care of the planet we live on.  Personally, I believe that every day should be Earth Day, so here are … Continue reading

Easy Homemade Granola

Easy Homemade Granola sq

Cold cereal is probably one of the worst foods you can eat. No matter what is says on the label, it is not real food; it is a food-like product. And I’m not just talking about Lucky Charms and those “sugar cereals” as my mom used to call them. Even … Continue reading

My Week on Wednesday and Natural Cold and Flu Remedies

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Hello and welcome to another My Week on Wednesday! Last week my husband and I were sick. In fact, last week’s My Week on Wednesday almost didn’t happen; we just sort of sat around feeling miserable taking turns taking care of the kids — who, happily, were untouched by whatever-it-was. … Continue reading