Lice Stay Away Spray

Keep your child's head lice-free with a couple of squirts of Lice Stay Away Spray

Fall is in the air… The kids are back at school and everyone is thinking about apple-picking and wooly sweaters… and lice. If your child already has lice, save this post for later and skip right to my post on How to Get Rid of Lice… Naturally. Please note that … Continue reading

Keep Pop-Tarts (That Look Like Guns) Out of Our Schools!

Not that long ago, when a kid nibbled his breakfast pastry into a shape, someone might have told him to stop messing around and finish his breakfast. Now, if he does it at school, he can be suspended. Well, he can if someone decides that his nibbled pastry looks like … Continue reading

Like “Insulin for Diabetes” … Or Not?

Anatomy of an Epidemic

            Are the very drugs we are taking to combat mental illness actually making us sick? This is one of the questions raised in Anatomy of an Epidemic: Magic Bullets, Psychiatric Drugs, and the Astonishing Rise of Mental Illness in America by Robert Whitaker. And, after … Continue reading

Fruit Cups and Curling Ribbon

I kind of have this thing for curling ribbon. I have quite a stash of it—nine different colors—and I use it for dressing up packages wrapped in repurposed brown paper grocery bags and for making impressive-looking bake sale items. A little bit of curling ribbon can make a baggie with … Continue reading